Like most other small breeds, they can be stubborn when trying to housebreak them. They choose when they want to go potty outside. If it is raining, or wet outside you can expect these guys to refuse pottying outside.

For best results in this area, it is crucial to begin training as soon as possible, and stay on top of it until they are no longer having accidents inside. Their adorable appearance can make it easy to let them get away with things, but it is imperative in their training to not let things slide because then it will turn into a norm for your dog.

At that point, you can consider it a lost cause, because it is much harder to train a dog once they’ve already been getting away with it.

Altogether, schichi’s are very sweet and loving companions. They will protect you, and your family. As well as remind you of every possible threat, even the slightest threat.

You will find a bond with this breed quickly as they love human contact, and thrive in a home where lots of love it to be given. A decent amount of time on your hands to train them in the beginning stages of ownership is crucial to train them efficiently and effectively.

Just remember that they can’t get away with things just because they are so adorable. They need routine, and they need the discipline to thrive in your home. You won’t regret adding one of these dogs to your home if you’re looking for a sweet, small companion that will love you forever.

They are very loyal, and you will find yourself a new best friend in this breed.


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