Shichi’s, the crossbreed between a chihuahua and a shih tzu, are a small cute purse sized designer dog. Though they are cute and small, they are very well known to be pretty aggressive.

Their aggressive mostly is stemming from their overprotective demeanour. They love their owners so much so that they will use their high shriek of a bark to protect them against anything, even larger animals.

You can expect them to bark at any suspicious stranger that they do not know. If you are having company over at your home, and your shichi doesn’t know them, you can expect them to be a little on edge until they feel the situation is comfortable for you and them both.

Shichis are not only cute little companions that are small, but they are photogenic and loving as well. You can expect lots of cuddle time with these little ones. They like to feel the comfort of their owner. If you are looking for a quiet dog, then a shichi is not for you.

This breed is well known to use their voice and a lot at that. Their protective personality is what makes them so keen to barking. They feel like they need to protect you, so they just let you know of any, and I mean any, possible threat. Even if that’s just a leave falling in your backyard, your schichi will let you know.


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