Happily At Home: Puppy’s First Day Home

Benji is up early this morning. Today, it is the puppy’s first day home. He is super excited because today he’s moving to a new house! He is being adopted by a lovely couple, and he can’t wait to be the newest member of their family. 

Benji is a Shih Tzu-Maltese mix. Both of these breeds are known to be very loyal and attached to humans, and Benji is no different. When he first met his new parents, they fell in love with each other immediately and knew that it would be the start of a lifelong bond. 

Benji hears footsteps approach and instantly knows that his owners are here. He barks excitedly and runs to greet them. They too are thrilled to see him, and they’ve prepared everything for him to settle into his new home. 

When Benji arrives at this new house, he is eager to start exploring. He runs around the place, jumping up and down and wagging his tail. He sees his new basket and decides to test it out – super comfy! 

His owners have bought him some new toys as well, and he checks out each one of them. They all look fun and he can’t decide which one to play with first, so he plays with all of them at once. 

His owners call him over and tell him that they have an extra special welcome gift. They present him with a beautiful collar that has his name on it and a little red bell. Benji loves the smart new collar, and the jingling sound when he runs around. 

Puppies don’t have a long memory span, and he gets distracted by the chew toys that he can spot from the corner of his eye. He dashes towards it and grabs it in his mouth, rolling around the floor. Benji spends the rest of the afternoon playing and exploring his new surroundings until finally collapses in his basket, exhausted from all the play.

Watch Benji’s reaction and the life of a puppy’s first day home here:



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