Getting To Know Your New Shih Tzu Pup Better!

Getting To Know Your New Shih Tzu Pup Better!

Are you a new parent of a Shih Tzu pup? Well, your coming years are going to be a blessing in the company of this adorable pet!

Shih Tzus are an extremely friendly breed and adjust very well to your home environment. It’s true that the first new nights can be a little difficult for both the new member and you. This is because the tiny pup had to leave his friends and known environment and had to come to a completely new place. They often end up crying and whining all through the night.

But that is not exactly trouble; rather it is a boon to parent a puppy that is so loveable and cute. You might have to cut down on your sleep and stay up with them. Every three or four hours they wake up and it’s going to be your task to fondle them back to sleep. And you will fall in love when you watch them sleep, with all those fluffy hair around the eyes!

Another delightful thing about Shih Tzu is their agile nature. They can never sit still. Always running around the house and biting this and that! You might have to part with your favourite stuffed toy, for Shih Tzu pups love playing with these! Plus they not only play with toys but often chew them to bits. But can you really blame them? They are after all canines, and with the new growing teeth, they just want to chew anything and everything!

Getting To Know Your New Shih Tzu Pup Better!

With a Shih Tzu at home, you can forget about ever getting bored or depressed. All the time that you spent indoors is going to be taken up by him. These puppies have only two demands – food and love. That’s all! Give them their Royal Canine on time and cuddle them, they will never ask for more. Sometimes, you can get him a good haircut too!

Shih Tzus are known for their fluffy hair. And it grows very fast. So now, you can have a newfound hobby. Adorn him with pretty love-in-Tokyo and tie his hair as you want!

Fun fact: Being in the company of these delightful creatures raises your oxytocin level and you inevitably fall in love with them. And love is all you need to be happy!

You can also check out this video to know more about how a nine-week-old Shih Tzu bonds with his new parent-


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