Cute Swimming Shih Tzu

Just like this cute swimming Shih Tzu, when it’s a hot day in the Summer, there’s nothing better than going for a swim. Whether it’s in your backyard, to the local swimming pool or to the beach, having a dip in the water is not only a great way to cool down, it’s also healthy for your mind and body. 

It’s a hot, lazy Saturday afternoon in July. Marnie, a senior Shih Tzu, is stretched out in the shade of her back porch, hoping to catch the breeze. She hears her owners call her name, but she’s too lazy to get up and find them. Besides, she’s old now so she doesn’t run around like she used to. 

“Come on Marnie, we’re going for a swim!” they exclaim. Marnie’s ears perk up when she hears the word ‘swim’. She may be too old to run around, but she’s not too old to swim. She gets up and trots inside the house, where her owners are packing a bag with floaties, towels and a life vest for her. 

They ride to their local swimming pool, where Marnie has been coming since she was a puppy. When she was younger, she was a great swimmer, but now that she’s older she gets tired quickly and needs to wear a life vest. 

Once the life vest is secured on, she plunges into the pool. She starts paddling and moving around in circles. She’s already a much happier and cooler doggo than she was an hour ago. At her age, it’s important for Marnie to exercise regularly. She enjoys swimming because it’s good for her joints, and she also gets to socialize with her other dog friends who come to the pool. 

Check out the video of Marnie the swimming Shih Tzu here: 


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