Shih Tzu – Furry Duo Snow Fun

It is common for both humans and dogs to be less active in the winter. But if dogs only meet their exercise needs during warm months or when the weather is really good, this can have a significant effect on long-term health.

Regular physical activity helps a dog maintain perfect muscle mass, helps to keep the heart healthy, boosts the immune system, plays a role in helping to prevent a long list of canine diseases, including some cancers, helps to control metabolism, can help a dog release pent-up energy that might otherwise manifest as unnecessary barking or destructive chewing, and can improve the dog’s mood since canines can and do get ‘cabin fever.

So, aim to exercise your Shih Tzu every day, especially in the colder months, like this duo. For most of the days, head out with your furbabies. It should be better tolerated by following the previous tips of using paw wax and nose balm and by providing a winter coat when the weather is snowy or cold. Be sure to dress for the weather. Two walks a day are best; the minimum duration is 20 minutes at a rapid pace.

Keep in mind that your enthusiasm makes much of a difference whether your Shih Tzu wants to move or wants to be lazy. And, it can help you use a timer to make sure that you keep your Shih Tzu moving long enough. And most importantly, have fun! Your Shih Tzu is a joy to be around, so make sure you are making the most out of your pet by enjoying its playful and loving company!

Source: 2cute2shihtzu


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