Cute Shih Tzu Sneezes on Command!

If you have spent enough time with your Shih Tzu then you will know that they are so much more than you think. It is true! Shih Tzus will never fail to surprise you. You will notice how fast they can grasp things and the way they reciprocate is simply amazing.

In case you were not aware then here is an amazing fact about Shih Tzu – they really-really want to impress you! So, you can teach them some amazing tricks and never lack entertainment in your life again!

Unbelievable tricks your Shih Tzu can do!

Time for some amazing tricks!

Say ‘I love you!’ Did you know that your Shih pup can do that? They make vocal noises that sound like them saying I love you. I bet you want to hear these three words from them soon! Be patient and teach them to do this.

Stand and fix your hair! Yes, they know how to do it. Just with your one command, they will get up and use their little paws to fix their hair from face. Though they mess it more imagine how adorable they look. You cannot miss teaching this.

Rolling and sitting. It is like a two steps workout. With just one command, they will roll and then instantly sit up staring at you.  So, do you not want to try this? Be patient and teach this trick well!

1..2..3..Sneeze! A quick sneeze on your command. It is fun believe it or not. The moment you ask your Shih pup to sneeze he will just do it. If you are having a bad day, this one thing will certainly lighten up your mood instantly. So, start teaching them to do it soon.

Want to see how it looks when your pup sneezes and fixes hair? Check out this video, and you will just fall in love with ‘sneezes’ and ‘putting the hair off their face.’

Want to try another thing? It’s called teaching your Shih Tzu ‘how to request’! You will see him joining hands and then beg to you for something he wants. This will be one of the best things to see in your stressful day. There is nothing better than seeing your Shih Tzu doggo craving for it.

But don’t do it for long as it can make them a bit cranky.

Love your Shih Tzu, and he will love you back too! Teach you Shih Tzu interesting tricks, and he will never fail to entertain you!

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