Cute Shih Tzu Puppies Playing Rough and Tumble with Dad

What’s better than a Shih Tzu puppy? Six Shih Tzu puppies playing! 

Andrew is a Shih Tzu dad. He has six Shih Tzu puppies, plus their mama, who live with him. The puppies are called: Bibi, Lola, Scrub, Teddy, Frankie and Pippy and their mama is Tina. Andrew has actually had Tina since she herself was a puppy, so of course, she’s part of the family. You can imagine Andrew’s joy when he found out that Tina was going to have puppies. 

One day, Andrew comes home from work and calls out to the puppies “Guys, I’m home! Anyone want to play a game?” The puppies all get up at once and rush to greet him at the door. For the puppies, this is the best part of the day. There’s nothing that they love more than playing, and Andrew is the perfect playmate. 

Sometimes they play catch or hide and seek, and when it’s warm outside they splash about in the paddling pool. Today, Andrew decides to play chase. He runs into the living room, teasing them as he gets a head start. “Come on! Come along!” he calls. 

Andrew stretches out on the floor so that all the puppies can play with him. The puppies are so excited that they trip over each other while trying to clamber on top of Andrew. Although they saw Andrew before he left for work this morning, for them one day feels like a whole year. Each one of them wants Andrew’s attention, and they squeal with happiness when he gives them cuddles and kisses. 

Tina comes along to join in the fun. She wants to make sure that her babies aren’t being too naughty, and like any good mum, gently nudges them as a reminder that mama is watching. Watch this video of Shih Tzu puppies playing together.


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