Baby Copies Shih Tzu’s Tricks To Get A Treat

Ever since little baby Timmy was born, him and Benny the Shih Tzu were best friends. The day that Timmy came home from the hospital, Benny made the decision to protect him for the rest of his life. When Timmy was asleep, Benny would stand guard outside his crib. When Timmy was sick, Benny would be there for him day and night. They would play with soft toys together, roll around on the carpet together and watch cartoons together. 

Timmy’s parents often taught Benny tricks, like how to roll on his back or jump through a hoop. One day, they decided that it would be fun to teach him how to spin in circles to earn a treat. They called Benny over and started moving Benny’s favorite treat around in circles over his head. At first, Benny was confused and just looked at Timmy’s parents like “Huh? Just give me the treat human!”. 

But because Benny was used to learning silly tricks from his owners, he quickly realized that to get the tasty snack he had to do a move. He moved his head round and round, following the snack with his eyes. Slowly, he lifted his front paws up until he was standing on his back legs, and then started spinning around in circles. 

Baby Timmy saw what was going on and thought it was absolutely hilarious. He decided that it would be fun to copy Benny’s moves, and so he did the same. The two besties went round and round in circles like a two-man circus act. At one point, they almost collided with each other! Timmy was secretly hoping that he could get a snack too. And because the pair of them were so good, Timmy’s parents decided to give them both a treat.  

Who do you think did it better?


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