Abby and Juno’s Adventure in the Park

Abby and her new best friend Juno are becoming inseparable as the days go by. They do everything together. When Abby eats, Juno comes along and stays by her side. When Abby sleeps, Juno is right next to her and keeps watch over her. They also love to play outside when it’s the weekend, and they look forward to it every week as good Shih Tzu friends. 

One lovely Saturday afternoon in the Spring, Abby’s owners decide to go for a walk in the park. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and Abby and Juno are excited to finally play outdoors and see what they can find.

In the park, Abby’s owners lay down a picnic blanket in a cool patch in the shade. They have some treats for Abby too, and even though she knows that Juno is not a real dog, she still likes to share her doggie treats with her. 

After lunch, the Shih Tzu friends Abby and Juno decide to do some exploring. The park is huge and they can’t wait to find things to play with. They roll around in the grass and dip their toes in the little pond. A burst of color catches Abby’s eye and she spots a big patch of Spring flowers that are starting to bloom. Abby loves flowers, and she admires all their beautiful colors: pink, violet, white, orange and yellow. 

Suddenly, something moves between the flowers. Abby sees six little legs crawling up the leaves. A grasshopper! Because Juno has never seen a grasshopper before, Abby shows her this little guy and explains who he is. Abby is pleased that Juno is as excited as she is, and they decide to play a game of hide and seek with him.

The grasshopper leaps away and Abby and Juno look around to try and spot him. “Hmm, maybe it’s not such a good idea to play hide and seek with such a little creature?” they think. Just as they start to give up on finding him, he leaps onto a flower right next to Abby. Gotcha!

Now it’s Abby and Juno’s turn to hide. They run towards a big tree and crouch down low behind its huge trunk. Abby whispers to Juno that they have to be very quiet and still otherwise the grasshopper will find them. But the grasshopper is very quick and finds them in no time. Better luck next time Abby and Juno! 

The sun starts to set, covering the park in a warm, golden light. Abby’s owners start packing up the picnic gear and Abby and Juno make their way back. These two Shih Tzu friends had a great day exploring and running around, and they can’t wait to do it again tomorrow. 


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