Adorable Mini Cachorros Who Will Brighten Your Day

When it comes to adorable dog breeds, many would argue that nothing tops the mini Shih Tzu. In Brazil, Shih Tzus are often referred to as Mini Cachorros but Shih Tzus are not the only dog breed that goes by this name. All dog breeds that are considered mini are just called Mini Cachorros as Cachorros means dog. The video below should brighten up your day if you are a dog lover, as the owner has compiled a wonderful four-minute video on a whole host of mini Shih Tzus.

As you can see, there are tons of them! All of the different colors, sizes, and personalities. Nothing makes your day brighter than a pile of puppies! Watch all the way through to get up and personal with some of the Mini Cachorros who think the camera is quite interesting. Of course, it ends in a dog pile of the puppies with her mom!

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