Attack of the Killer Shih Tzu!

Often when you see dogs playing, they chase after their tail, paw at you, or even chase after a ball. Shih Tzus, on the other hand, are a little bit different and will actually just run back and forth a lot. Similar to how a cat runs circles around the entire house, a Shih Tzu will run around in a designated area, wagging its tail, growling, and attempting to look menacing. The ears will flop and the tail will go non-stop! In the video below, you’ll see a prime example of a Shih Tzu in “attack mode” as its owner places down a camera and films the entire thing!

As you can see, the Shih Tzu starts off by wagging its tail but as soon as that camera comes down to eye level, it’s all attack business from there. Up comes the bum, out comes the growling, and the running and attacking begins. This particular Shih Tzu, even hops forward and side to side a bit in a “lunging” motion. However, once the energy has been spent running around in circles and growling, he or she immediately lays back down and all is quiet.

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