15 Must Know Facts about your loving Shih Tzu!

10. The Travelers

travelers - Facts about your loving Shih Tzu!

When it comes to knowing facts about Shih Tzus, they love to travel. So if you are planning a road trip, your Shih Canine can be a good companion. Moreover, they can adapt to new things very quickly so while you are traveling with your Shih Tzu dog!

11. Stubborn at times

shih tzu is stubborn

This happens especially when you are training your Lion-ly pup. If you are planning a harsh training process then forget it, they will never listen. Try to teach them with love and politeness; they will understand it in minutes.

12. They love to exercise

They love to exercise - Facts about your loving Shih Tzu!

Yes, it is a very important thing that will keep them active and help them to maintain a healthy life. Regularly one should take them out for at least for a 20-minute walk.  This will also be a healthy routine for their owner.

13. Brushing is important

Brushing is important

Not teeth, but hair. They are one of those breeds who doesn’t have fur but hair. And as the hair fall happens, most of the time it remains stuck inside. So daily brushing will keep their coat smooth and shiny.

14. Regular check-up

regular check-ups - Facts about your loving Shih Tzu!

If you want your paw baby top to have good health, take them for a checkup every 3 months. It is because they are easily prone to many health troubles like eye disease, hip dysplasia, etc.

15. They need you

need you - Facts about your loving Shih Tzu!

Yes, one of the major facts about Shih Tzu is that they need your company. If you leave them alone, they can go into severe depression, anxiety and in severe cases, they will stop eating eventually falling very sick.

Now that you know all the important things about this regal breed, take good care of your canine friend. Keep your Shih Tzu with love, and you will get a lot more from them!


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