10 Immediate Steps To Take To Find Your Lost Shih Tzu!

Having a Shih Tzu is a lovely experience! But what if it goes missing suddenly? Yes, this can happen! They are small and vulnerable, and it is no surprise if they fail to find their way back home. It can be a heartbreaking moment for you. But there are some immediate steps that you should take within 24 hours to make sure, you can get back your lost Shih Tzu!

10 immediate things to do to find your lost Shih Tzu –

Before anything, just remember your canine love equally wants to get back, so the search will be mutual. Let’s start looking for your pup!

Missing poster shih tzu1. Don’t panic

You need to have strong control over your emotions. To think straight, a calm mind is very important. It is only then the search will be done in an elaborate and organized manner. First, calm yourself, plan what you need to do and then start the search.

2. Check the neighbourhood first

9th Step To Take To Find Your Lost Shih Tzu!

The neighbourhood is the first place that you will check after your Shih Tzu goes missing. Alert your neighbours initially and then move on to see other places. In case, if your lost Shih Tzu is back, they can keep it and inform you soon.


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