Shih Tzu Puppy’s Cuteness Caught On Camera

Do you want to see your Shih Tzu puppy happy? All you need is to treat them! Young canine pups can be extremely active, and they need constant motivation from you. When you first bring them home, it is imperative to take care of the Shih pup. It is only how you can make them develop better. When you have a Shih Tzu in life, it is evident that you will take good care, but what if you have to leave them alone at home?

This can be a bit problematic. Hence, you need to figure out certain things that will help you to ensure your Shih Tzu puppy stays safe when alone. Here are a few things that you can do –

Install cameras – This way you will be able to keep a tab on what your Shih baby is doing home alone; if they have any problem, are they exploring the new place or sitting quietly in a corner, etc. By following their activities, it will be easier to understand what they really want.

Do not keep sharp objects within their reach – After all, they are a baby. They have an extremely curious nature, and I am sure, you don’t want them to get hurt.Shih Tzu Puppys

Keep enough food – Make sure they don’t starve. Keep food in their bowl and your Shih Tzu pups will eat as per their will and wish. Nibbling on food now and then will certainly make them happy and stay calm.

If you want to know what Shih Tzu pup does all alone, get the glimpse here –

Apart from these, there are few things that you should do once back home to make sure that they are happy –

As soon as you are back home, cuddle them because they wait for you all day long. When you are around, try to spend as much time as possible as they need your attention. All these will help you to develop a better bond with your pup and will save them from loneliness.

Now that you know what are the dos and don’ts, have a happy life with your loving puppy!


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