Shih Tzu Opens Her Christmas Present

This Christmas is an extra special one for Lacy and her family. It’s her very first Christmas, and her family wants to make it memorable for everyone. As soon as it’s December 1, Lacy’s family starts decorating their house. This year, they go all out with the decorations, making sure that it feels festive enough. They put tinsel around the banisters, and arrange stuffed dogs, reindeers and bears down the stairs. They hang decorations around the fireplace, making sure to put their Christmas stockings up. Lacy even has a little stocking for herself. Last but not least, they put up the Christmas tree, and hang baubles, lights, and trinkets from the leaves. This year, there are even more presents under the tree than normal. Lacy’s family found it hard to resist spoiling her, and have bought her a bunch of presents. 

Lacy senses all the excitement happening around her, and she can’t help but feel excited too. On Christmas morning, she wakes up early and runs down the stairs straight into the living room. She sniffs around and searches for her presents, trying to unwrap the presents herself.

Her first gift is a stuffed cat who can walk on its own. Lacy loves making new friends, and she’s delighted with her present. She jumps around the cat, nudging it with her nose and wagging her tail. Although she gets a little help from her family by unwrapping the presents, it feels really exciting for her to see what’s coming next from inside the gift bags. Lacy also gets some new toys and some healthy treats. 

She spends the rest of the day playing with her new toys, not forgetting to share them with her new cat friend too. This truly is the best day ever for Lacy and will be a Christmas that she will remember forever. 

Can you count the presents under the tree?


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