Grooming Guide for Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus are little dogs with long, flowing coats that need a great deal of attention. Though several family pets are kept in short coats every year, those that are not clipped must be brushed regularly to assure that their hair does not mat, and care must be exerted to keep it out of their eyes and mouth.

It is best to get Shih Tzu puppies used to grooming from a young age since they demand to be brushed regularly during their lives.

The Shih Tzu’s long coat needs constant brushing to keep it tangle-free and clean. If your dog has a topknot, begin at the top of the dog’s head, untying the topknot before brushing. Using a blend of a bristle brush and a comb, mildly comb out the hair on the top of the head, paying special attention to the ears, where mats tend to develop.

When all the hair is soft, delicately use scissors to keep stray parts of hair from dangling in your Shih Tzu’s eyes. Additionally, reduce the hair near the dog’s mouth, Shih Tzus that has long hair in this area, end up with faces that are regularly dirty, and the hair gets in their mouths when they drink and eat.

The owners of Shih Tzus with long, streaming hair typically gather their pets’ hair in a top knot as part of the grooming method. It helps the dogs to preserve their long hair but keeps it from their faces.

There are a lot of varieties on the top knot, which helps you to get as fancy as you like, and some owners go as far as using French braids or other fancy styles as a way to keep the hair out of the faces of their dogs.

For most people, though, A simple top knot works well for most people, though. Carefully collect all the hair that grows from the back of the dog’s head and put it on top, then bind it with a rubber band, just like a ponytail for humans.

Make sure you do not pull the hair too close, as that may harm your dog.

When it comes to trimming, if you like to try to keep the coat tidy yourself, there is no excuse not to. You might want to start with minor trimmings and see if you feel confident working your way up to the clipping.

Source: PetGroooming


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