How to Properly Bathe and Groom Your Shih Tzu

Like every dog, your Shih Tzu needs regular bathing to promote a healthy and clean coat. Although it is widely accepted that your Shih Tzu should be bathed every three weeks, this will actually be determined by how soiled their coat gets and how oily their coat is. If your Shih Tzu has an abundance of natural oils or soils their fur more often, than you may need to consider bathing them every two weeks instead. The below video provides a general outline of how you can go about bathing and grooming your Shih Tzu.

First, make sure you remove any clothing that they are wearing. Once the clothing is removed, brush and brush some more, making sure you get the entire body including the tail, front legs, back legs, and the under tummy. Then take a thin tooth comb and go over the tail, head, and face, to ensure that you have removed any tangles, knots, or large debris. Now your Shih Tzu is ready for bath time!

Fill up the container you will be using with warm water, whether that be the kitchen sink or your dog’s own bathing container, and make sure they are fairly comfortable. Take a regular sized cup and slowly spread water across the body of your Shih Tzu. You can always switch to a portable shower head/spray nozzle to make the process go faster, in so long as you use warm water and the water pressure isn’t too harsh.  Be extremely careful not to get water in your Shih Tzu’s eyes or ears and slowly work your way around their face.

Once completely soaked, massage the shampoo into your dog’s fur, being careful not to get any into their eyes or ears. You may need to add more warm water to the bathing container to keep your pup warm. Scrub the shampoo in everywhere until you’ve covered their entire body. Once done, rinse and rinse some more! Watch out, as your dog is going to want to shake, and shake some more! Once you have rinsed all the shampoo out, dry them off with a towel. You can either keep them wrapped up in a dry, warm towel, or you can take a hair dryer to them to help the process go faster!

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