All About the SHIH TZU – Traits and History!

Shih Tzu’s can be of any solid color or color combination; this breed is characterized by its intelligence and sociable, cheerful temperaments. Shih Tzu love being with people, and they’re always ready to play and show their affection; this is why this breed is easier to socialize than others as Shih Tzu’s are friendly by nature.

However it’s still important to start the socialization process at the puppy stage if you want your Shih Tzu to get along with other dogs and animals, Shih Tzu’s are the perfect choice for people who can spend time with them since this breed doesn’t tolerate spending many hours home alone, they get along with children as long as they don’t hurt them.

The coat of this Shih Tzu tends to get tangled so it will be necessary to brush and comb your dog daily although you can choose the kind of haircut you prefer, It’s strongly recommended to keep the hair over the eyes short to help them see this dog breed needs quite a lot of exercise to stay in its proper range and cover their playtime.


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