Shih Tzu Aging Signs-8 Every Owner Needs To Look For

It is inevitable that your pet Shih Tzu will get old. As an owner, you need to look out for these tell-tale signs, in order to take better care of your pet. In old age, your pet requires extra care and attention, to make their lives as comfortable as possible.

However, most owners fail to notice the signs and as a result, fail to address the ailments that trouble these little balls of fur. Are you curious about these eight signs that would help you to identify it better? Well, take a look below.

Aging Signs Every Shih Tzu Owner Needs To Look For

Here are 8 aging signs that you should notice in your Shih Tzu

1. Hazy eyes

Hazy eyes - Aging Signs Every Shih Tzu Owner Needs To Look For

Shih Tzu owners have to be careful about the cloudy haze over the eyes that come into being when they become old. While the blue haze over the eyes is harmless and indicates that your dog is aging, however, a white haze may be a symptom of cataract that may lead to loss of vision. It is important that you take them to the vet immediately and address the issue.

2. Unresponsive to your commands

Unresponsive to your commands- Aging Signs Every Shih Tzu Owner Needs To Look For

It is not that your old Shih friend is not willing to listen, rather they cannot hear you properly. Most of the times due to old age, their hearing gets impaired and that makes them unresponsive. So, if you see this is happening, make sure you be polite and patient while ordering your canine friend.

Also, they might bark without any stimuli at times.


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