11 Shih Tzu Health Problems Symptoms

Dogs are incredible creatures that devote their loyalty, love, and life to one human. They love humans with all their heart and be by your side through thick or thin. Just like them, it is your duty to ensure that you stay by their side at all times and looks after their health. Health concerns are a major concern when you have a pet like Shih Tzu. You need to keep an eye out for any symptoms that project that they might be ill or provide medical attention immediately.

Shih Tzu Health Problems Symptoms

Wondering what they are? Listed below are ten Shih Tzu health problems symptoms you should never ignore:

1. Lethargy in activities

Shih Tzu Health Problems

Have you ever seen a dog laze around as much as a cat does? No! Because that’s not normal. While occasional breaks in between plays or activities might be fine, but a constant lack of energy is not. Dogs are born to be active, and if they are otherwise, then your Shih Tzu might be ill.

2 Frequent coughing

Frequent coughing

If your dog is coughing but doesn’t have a wet nose, then you need to consult the vet. Coughing at times is fine; they might suffer from cold which is indicated by the wet nose. However, if they do not have a wet nose it indicates that they might be suffering from problems like a respiratory problem, heartworm disease and so on.


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