6 Heartwarming Attributes Of Shih Tzu Puppies You Must Know

If you have to rate the cuteness of Shih Tzu puppies on a scale of 10, maybe you will rate them 100 and they totally deserve it! Right from 2 weeks after they are born, you can sense their curious minds and naughty nature oozing out. Not only this, there are some other attributes that make them top the cuddling canine list!

6 of the extremely cute attributes of Shih Tzu pups are here.

1. They are full of energy

Shih tzu running

You will not experience even a single moment of dullness with them. They will keep themselves engaged in some or the other activity that will take you by surprise. Moreover, being really smart they can easily learn some cool tricks. So, you have all the good reasons to have fun and play with them even more.


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