10 Best Ways to Include Your Shih Tzu on Your Wedding Day

5. Include Them in Your Photos

Your wedding album will be packed with photos of you, your family, and your friends. But someone’s missing, huh? It might be your pet (after all, he/she’s family, too).

The simplest way to do this is probably to include photos of your pets in charming photo displays telling your wife or husband’s love story, or in free-standing frames dotted throughout the reception area.

Ensure that the photographer you choose has the experience of photographing animals and that he knows what you expect.

Shih Tzu  Wedding Day

6. Wedding Greeters

If your dog loves people — and if your guests love dogs — you can also assign the role of a wedding greeter to your dog! Have a friend walk your dog around the wedding area as people find their seats.

NOTE: This role is best suited to more casual weddings.

7. Have Your Shih Tzu Escort Your Flower Girl

Your Shih Tzu, of course, can’t sprinkle flowers down the aisle before you walk down on it. Nevertheless, if your dog is child-friendly, you could have him or her carry a light container of flower petals with your flower girl walking beside him or her and scattering a sweet set of petals with each step.

Wedding Day

8. Be the Ring Bearer

If you do not have a baby cousin to carry the new bands down the aisle, bring your dog to your wedding ceremony. Get your furbaby to walk down the aisle with your wedding rings attached to his collar. This is sure to get the guest aww-ing.

Shih Tzu Your Wedding Day

9. Bouquet Replacement

Here is a unique and adorable way to include your pet on your big day: take him or her as you walk down the aisle! Of course, you are going to need to make sure that your furry friend is comfortable playing the role of a bouquet.

10. Use Dog-themed Accessories

You can be as subtle or as detailed as you like with pet-themed wedding accessories! Use dog-themed accessories, like Shih Tzu cookies for party favors or paw-print confetti. The possibilities are endless!

Shih Tzu on Your Wedding Day


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