The 7 Best Haircuts For Shih Tzus

Let us take a closer look at popular haircuts for Shih Tzus:

The Puppy Cut

The puppy haircut is among the lowest maintenance cuts available for a Shih Tzu. The coat is cut short over the entire body (about a couple of inches), including the ears and tails.

Since Shih Tzus don’t like warm temperatures, this haircut could be an ideal choice for summer months, and in fact, is usually referred to as the summer cut.

Although this is a low maintenance cut, it still requires regular brushing to keep the grime and dirt from building up, even though you would not need to do it every single day.

Nonetheless, if you don’t have any plans of getting your Shih Tzu in a dog show, and are limited on time, this haircut can be the best cut for your Shih Tzu.

The Puppy Cut with Longer Ears and Tail

This haircut is basically the same as the puppy cut. However, it keeps the tails and ears long.  It is all a matter of personal choice.Maintaining this cut is more or less like the puppy cut. However, you will need extra effort to keep those long ears and tails from becoming nasty and smelly.

Moderate Length Puppy Cut

This Shih Tzu haircut is a variety of the classic puppy haircut that keeps the majority of the coat a bit fuller.It is a popular style that lets a little more air in to reach the dog’s skin than the traditional puppy cut.

It is excellent for cold and cool weather, but can also work if you live in warmer area where your Shih Tzu has occasional off-leash play in cooler areas of the yard.

The ears and tails remain long with this haircut, which is an advantage in keeping dirt and grime away from it.

If you are considering transitioning your Shih Tzu from a long and full coat to a puppy cut, this haircut might be a great in-between one to pick to help your pup transition.

Teddy Bear Cut

Go Google a Shih Tzu with this style and you would see why it is adorably called the teddy bear cut.

This haircut focuses on the hair that is on your Shih Tzu’s face, giving it a rounded shape and making it fluffy.Wider cheeks and longer hair in the face makes this cut a good choice for pet owners who prefer to go out with their Shih Tzu without needing to brush its coat every single time they step out of the house.

The Teddy Bear Cut comes with long ears and tails, making it easier to maintain than other cuts. However, frequent brushing is still necessary as dirt and grime can easily collect on your Shih Tzu’s face even though it has been given a rounder shape.

With the teddy bear cut, your Shih Tzu would look like the classic, adorable teddy bear toy. This haircut is generally about your dog’s face, so you could choose to pair it with whatever length of puppy cut on his body.


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