Shih Tzu Puppy Tricks

Bobby is a five-month-old when he started to learn some Shih Tzu puppy tricks. He is a very obedient and loyal dog, although he can also be a little clumsy, he will do anything to please his owners. His owners have raised him since the day he was born, and they love him unconditionally. They always dedicate their time to him, as he doesn’t have any other doggo siblings. Bobby likes running around outdoors and playing catch. Sometimes, when his owners aren’t looking, he chases birds – but he just means it in a friendly way. 

His owners have started to teach Bobby tricks. They started with sitting and jumping and were impressed when they saw how quickly he could learn. Bobby’s owners often have friends come to visit and play with Bobby, and this inspired them to teach him a new trick. They thought it would be fun if Bobby could give their friends a warm welcome whenever they came to their house, and greet them by shaking their hands. 

So one day, Bobby’s owner’s sit down on the porch. They grab some of Bobby’s favorite dog treats, as this is always the best way to get Bobby’s full attention. Bobby sees his treats and rushes outside, thinking it’s snack time. His owners hold out their hand, and at first, Bobby is confused. “Uhh, isn’t it treat time?” he thinks. But since Bobby is a quick learner, he understands what his owners want. He raises his little paw and places it on his owner’s hand, obediently switching between his left paw and right paw. Bobby’s owners are so happy that he’s learned this new trick that they reward him not only with treats but with a face scratch that he loves so much. 

Check out this Shih Tzu puppy tricks here. Do you think he did it well?



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