Do Shih Tzu Like Hugs

According to studies, it turns out that hugging is proven to make us happier and healthier. However, do Shih Tzu like hugs? It may be a different case with dogs.

Joey is a gorgeous golden Shih Tzu puppy. He and his Shih Tzu pal Oscar, a white and brown pup, live together with their owners, who raise the puppies like their own kids. Their owners know how important it is for puppies to bond with humans from an early age. This is why they always make time during the day to cuddle and play with Joey and Oscar.

Although Joey and Oscar aren’t related, you could be forgiven for mistaking them as siblings. They always play together, sleep together and eat together. But they don’t always get along. As with human siblings, sometimes they compete with each other. 

Joey and Oscar’s owners have noticed this rivalry, and want to teach the puppies how to be fair and share things. So they decide to buy a bib. Usually, they buy a bib for each puppy but in this case, they only get one. Their plan is to get them to share it so that they can learn the meaning of patience and wait in turn. Because Joey and Oscar love hugs so much, they get a bib that has ‘I love hugs’ embroidered on the front. They put it on Joey first, and give him cuddles, belly rubs, and head scratches. Oscar loves it so much and sits quite happily on his owner’s lap. 

When Oscar sees Joey getting all the attention, he immediately gets jealous. He grabs the bib in his mouth and tries to take it away from Oscar. Oscar runs after him and does his best to take it back, and the two of them end up rolling around on the floor with the bib in both their jaws. 

Oh well. Maybe eventually they will learn to share!

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