Shih Tzu and Winter: 10 Best Ways to Keep Your Shih Tzu Safe This Winter

How can you take care of your Shih Tzu in the winter?

Shih Tzu and Winter they do not do well in cold weather, and they could easily get cold on winter nights. They are a dog breed that is sensitive to cold temperatures and could catch a nasty cold when the winter season starts.

You might be wondering, do Shih Tzus really get cold? Yes, they do. Shih Tzus, in fact, do get cold in winter. This dog breed is brachycephalic, and it contributes to them being sensitive to colder temperatures. Their small bodies dissipate heat relatively quickly compared to other dog breeds, and they also get breathing difficulties due to their elongated soft palate.

Shih Tzu and Winter

Also, their short coats don’t offer much help either. Suffice it to say, Shih Tzus haven’t been bred to be outdoor canines. Because they get cold easily, they could suffer from hypothermia in very low temperatures and become dehydrated. They’re among the dog breeds that you need to take extra care of, especially in cold winter temperatures.


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