How to fix Shih Tzu skin issues: 3 Essential Things to Know

How to fix Shih Tzu skin issues that owners should be aware of?

Shih Tzu skin issues could lead to discomfort, irritation, and, possibly, severe infections. As a pet owner, all of these issues could lead to worries and stress as you try to alleviate your little friend’s skin woes. The best way to manage these Shih Tzu skin issues is by treating them with natural remedies and preventing them from coming back.

Natural remedies are reliable, effective, and, most of all, safe. You could put these into use for almost any concern you might have with your Shih Tzu.

How to fix Shih Tzu skin issues

Before selecting a natural treatment for Shih Tzu skin issues, you should first ensure that you have already identified the source of the skin issue. Not all Shih Tzu skin issues are equal, and not all treatments will help all issues. Determining the root of the problem could make it a lot easier to find an effective and suitable treatment.

How to fix Shih Tzu skin issues and there Causes

There is an assortment of conditions that all result in Shih Tzu Skin issues, including allergies, parasites, skin dermatitis, Cushing’s Disease, and hypothyroidism, to name a few. 

Even autoimmune diseases and cancer could manifest as dry skin.


Allergies are a significant Shih Tzu skin issue. They’re usually set off by something in the environment, like ingredients in their dog food, dust, grasses, flea saliva, and pollen.   

Anything that your Shih Tzu comes in contact with could be a possible allergen. Beddings and carpets or the chemicals that were used to clean the areas where your dog lives are all potential triggers of an allergy.

Allergies can result in incessant scratching, which could cause the skin to become inflamed and raw. An itchy dog would scratch relentlessly to relieve the discomfort. Their nails could break the skin, which could lead to infection.

Infection may require antibiotics along with the other topical treatments that would soothe the itchy feeling.


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