Natural Temperaments of Shih Tzu Compared to Maltese Dogs

Dissecting the Maltese Temperament

The Maltese dog, as described by the authoritative American Kennel Club, is described as a charming, playful, and gentle toy dog. The Shih Tzu, on the other hand, is recognized as playful, affectionate, and wildly outgoing.

Moreover, the Maltese dog is quite intelligent and adept at athletic actions that call for agility and swiftness. By and large, the Maltese dog is a highly energetic breed that enjoys playing lots of games as well as walking exercises.

The Maltese are typically good-tempered in interactions with strangers as well as other dogs. Take note that keeping the Maltese will mean you have to give it some rigorous training right from the outset. This is because the breed is given to excessive, noisy barking; be prepared to tame this.

Happily, the Maltese dog is entirely defensive, behaving more like a tiny guard dog. Due to its friendly, amicable manner, the Maltese will, likely, alert you when the visitor arrives at the doorstep. You are advised to love the Maltese dog sparingly. Why? It is somewhat prone to anxiety when isolated from the familiar spot. This can, however, be dealt with by avoiding excessive pampering.

Natural Temperaments of Shih Tzu Compared to Maltese Dogs


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