How Can You Tell Imperial Shih Tzus? 8 Best Tips

Standard Shih Tzu vs Imperial Shih Tzu: What is the Difference?

The striking difference between the regular Shih Tzus and the Imperial Shih Tzus lies in size, with the latter being beneath breed standards.

Aside from that, it’s the same adorable Shih Tzu that’s bringing smiles all over the world. They could come in various color combinations and possess a wonderful personality that makes Shih Tzus great pets.

It’s worth noting that the Imperial Shih Tzu isn’t an official dog breed. It is just a marketing phrase used by dog breeders to boost the rarity of smaller Shih Tzus when offering them to potential buyers.

Imperial Shih Tzu - how big

How Big Would an Imperial Shih Tzu Get in Adulthood?

The trusted canine expert in breed standards, the American Kennel Club (AKC), says that the regular Shih Tzu could reach up to eleven inches and weigh between nine to sixteen pounds.

On the other hand, Imperial Shih Tzus are considerably smaller at just nine inches and below. They could weigh up to nine pounds, making them very light and fragile little dogs.

Why Isn’t Imperial Shih Tzu Considered A Dog Breed?

The American Shih Tzu Club and the American Kennel Club (AKC) don’t distinguish accept the Imperial Shih Tzu as a member of the Shih Tzu breed since they fall below the standard weight and height for the average Shih Tzu breed.

Also, Imperial Shih Tzus are not acknowledged as a distinct dog breed primarily because they are an outcome of improper dog breeding methods or potential pre-existing health conditions.

Do Imperial Shih Tzus Have Health Issues?

Although an Imperial Shih Tzu could be a completely healthy dog, if improper breeding methods were done to breed them, they could be prone to a string of health issues, particularly if their weight is below five pounds.

Purposefully breeding Imperial Shih Tzus could result in their internal organs being compromised, leading to liver failure, skeletal defects, heart disease, as well as breathing and eating issues. They might likewise have trouble adapting their body temperatures appropriately.

Do Imperial Shih Tzus Have Health Issues?

Moreover, they’re also at risk for medical conditions usually seen in normal Shih Tzus and other toy dog breeds. Here are some health conditions that could impact Imperial Shih Tzus:


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