9 Ways To Keep Fleas Away From Your Shih Tzu!

7. Flea spray.

Flea spray - Ways to keep fleas away from your Shih Tzu

Administering regular spray made from acidic substances will prevent the fleas from attacking the Shih Tzu’s skin. Citrus fruits, especially lemon, is a good natural substitute which can be used to make the spray. Make sure not to spray it in their eyes.

8. Brewer’s yeast.

Brewers yeast - Ways to keep fleas away from your Shih Tzu

Substituting a chemical flea tablet with Brewer’s yeast is a natural way to combat insects. The dosage of the yeast should be confirmed with the vet before administering it to the dog.

9. Plants to protect.

Plants to protect - Ways to keep fleas away from your Shih Tzu

Keeping pots of basil, lemongrass, mint, and rosemary prevents fleas from entering since they secrete certain oils and fragrances that guard the house against flea invasion. As a result, your Shih pup will not go through the itching problem.

Another thing – fleas can come from other dogs as well when you take them to the park. It is better to take preventive measures from before. Now, you know some great ways to get rid of fleas from Shih Tzu. Use them fast and ensure a healthy life for your canine friend!


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