8 Things Your Shih Tzu Totally Deserves To Do

Dogs are man’s best friends; there’s no doubt about that. Pets such as Shih Tzu light up the life of their owners with their adorable cuteness and nuisances. Without their nuisances, life would be so dull! As pets, they take care of the entertainment part. Therefore, as good owners, you need to ensure that your pet is happy and gets the desired freedom to do some things that they want. Not that they need your permission anyway.

Wondering what does your pet deserves to do? Well, take a look below.

1. Accompany you everywhere… even to the loo

Having a Shih Tzu means that they will follow you anywhere, till the end of eternity. They love some company and will follow you everywhere. They will insist that you take them to work and take them out while you go jogging. They will also insist that you let them in the washroom while you do your thing.

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