6 Tips To Choose A Perfect Name For Your Shih Tzu

One of the most exciting parts of parenting a Shih Tzu is selecting a name for them. Well, you cannot just name your Shih Tzu anything.

You need to serve the statement of their personality and excitement depicted through their names.

As a matter of fact, choosing the best name for your Shih Tzu is a tough task to deal with!

Some people just call their new dogs under the same credentials of their old dogs. But even though it might sound cute, but it should perfect with the personality of your new dog as well.

So let’s discuss a few bullet points that parents need to keep in their mind while they are selecting a name for their Shih Tzu because it should serve the excitement and happiness of Shih Tzu.

Here you go with the pointers to chose a perfect name!

1. Keep it short and sweet

a perfect name
Shih tzu with red ribbons

It is always appreciated that you choose a short name for your Shih Tzu. Why if you ask? Well, it is easier for them to respond to their name.

Since they do not get convinced with the extended commands, the long name will not be appreciated as they might not answer to their name.

Keeping it short and your dog will always cherish a crisp name.


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