5 Funny Things Your Shih Tzu Thinks When Home Alone

What do you think your pup Shih Tzu is doing when no one is at home? Sitting depressed? Nah! Not always, even they have a lot more work to do. If you think that you are the only one brainstorming at work, then you are wrong. They do the same!

5 funny things your Shih Tzu thinks when home alone!

Remember Milo from Mask? Though he was not a Shih Tzu, after all, they are all canines!

1. Is there anyone else?

Wondering shih tzu

First, they check every corner to assure if there is anyone or not. To double-check after trotting all over the place, they bark for a while. If there is still no answer, they are open to doing anything. If you think they are waiting for someone else to come, then it might be your misconception. At times, your Shih baby wants to spend some time alone!


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