5 Best Things to Know About Separation Anxiety in Shih Tzus: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Symptoms of Separation Anxiety in Shih Tzus

If your Shih is misbehaving when you leave on a daily basis and makes a fuss each time you leave home, then he or she is most probably suffering from separation anxiety.

Normally, when your Shih Tzu that has separation anxiety knows you are going to go out without him, he’ll panic and create a big fuss, perhaps follow you around the house, possibly whining, trembling, or whimpering, and he might even try anything he could to stop you from leaving. In severe cases, he might even become aggressive and do something like clamp down his small teeth on your trouser leg to try to pull you back.

After you’ve left, there would be a period of distressing behavior, which may manifest in various forms. There might be a bout of relentless loud barking, destructive actions that could include chewing objects like furniture legs, shoes, or cushions. It could also involve peeing and pooping around the house in several places. He may likewise lose his appetite and refuse to eat his food. He might also attempt to escape by chewing and scratching at doors, windows, and walls.

Your Shih might display any of these actions because he’s anxious and distressed due to the fact that you’re gone, and he does not know when and if you’re coming back. You know you’re coming back, but he doesn’t—and it’s that uncertainty that grinds his gears and sends him into a frenzy.

When you come back home, your Shih Tzu would be delighted to see you and would make a fuss over you for a bit longer. A happy and well-balanced Shih Tzu would greet you for up to a couple of minutes, but a dog with separation anxiety would persist with his overzealous welcome for a lot longer before calming down.


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