6 Reasons To Test Your Shih Tzu For Diabetes

Test Your Shih Tzu For Diabetes

Who doesn’t pray for a healthy life for their Shih Tzu? Everyone does, right? So, it is best that you take proper care of your pup and take them for a regular checkup. Now, there is one problem that they often face which is diabetes.

Yes, canines also suffer from diabetes and it is as sickening as it is for a human.  To bless your Shih Tzu with a healthy life, regular diabetes checkup is a must!

6 Reasons why you should check if your Shih Tzu has diabetes

There are many reasons, be it emotional or physical, no one wants to suffer from sickness. But here are some really practical pinning aspects that you need to consider being a Shih Tzu owner!

1. Save your carpet and house from pee 

Test Your Shih Tzu For Diabetes

If your pet is suffering from diabetes, it is their kidney that gets affected the most. This is why they lose control over toilet training and end up peeing anywhere. Certainly, you don’t want your house to smell like a toilet-hub!


Protect your pets from those unexpected illnesses with no limits on payouts. Get a quote and make sure you’re covered for those dog and shihtzu mishaps and unpleasant surprises.