3 Best Ways to Stop Shih Tzu Dogs from Biting

What can you do with an aggressive Shih Tzu?

Stop Shih Tzu Dogs from Biting. A lot of dog trainers seem to concur that the Shih Tzu breed is among the hardest dogs to train. Although some dogs could learn tricks straightaway, Shih Tzus tend to take weeks up to months just to learn a single trick. This isn’t to say that Shih Tzus are dumb; they’re just stubborn and typically stuck in their ways. These dogs enjoy the company of people but like to pick the way they would interact with them. Shih Tzus are independent and strong spirited dogs and want to exercise their right to be so. So, how can you prevent it if your Shih Tzu pet should start to bite people?

Stop Shih Tzu Dogs from Biting

Biting vs. Nipping

Biting and nipping are usually used interchangeably. Nevertheless, there’s a huge distinction between the two, and knowing how your dog is behaving would help tell you how to react.


Nipping is quick snaps of the dog’s jaw. If you move out of its way fast enough, this might be in the air, and you would see the teeth clacking together. Blood is seldom drawn, or if so, it would only be due to a tiny scratch or small puncture.


An acute aggression problem where the Shih Tzu locks his jaw down onto someone. Their teeth sink into the person’s skin. Blood is drawn due to a deeper puncture.

Even though a Shih Tzu is little, this is an aggressive action that rightfully scares their owners.

Stop Shih Tzu Dogs from Biting

Why Do Shih Tzus Bite

Adult dogs that bite people present more of an issue than pups, as it is tougher to point a finger on the reason why an older dog starts to bite. There could be a lot of physical issues for dog biting and ensuring that your Shih is not in pain before re-training is crucial. When your veterinarian has confirmed that your Shih Tzu is free from pain, you could start to rectify the biting problem.

What If the Dog is Aggressive?

Aggressive . Stop Shih Tzu Dogs from Biting

Although it’s rather unusual for a Shih Tzu to be extremely aggressive, each dog is different and thus has different traits and personalities. You might wind up with a fierce and snappy Shih Tzu, and it would be in your hands to you to train your dog not to be aggressive towards people. Fortunately, you probably would not have as much issue managing your Shih Tzu’s aggression behavior problems as much as you would if you’re handling a bigger and more powerful dog breed.

Nevertheless, always keep in mind that all dogs could bite and break the skin. Don’t be tricked by the tiny size of your dog. Always manage your dog’s aggressive behavior responsibly. Determine what it is that triggers your Shih Tzu; if your dog doesn’t like to see strangers, then you can try your best to desensitize him or her by having different people hand him or her tasty treats.


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