10 Shih Tzu Foods that are a No-No

Can We Give Shih Tzu – Human Food?

We adore our dogs more than anything else in the world — and (more often than not) what the puppy wants, the puppy gets!

But when it comes to dogs asking for a nibble of food made for humans, giving your pet a tough one, can really mean the difference between life and death. It doesn’t matter how cute their sad puppy look is; when it comes to food, you know better than they do in terms of what’s safe.

There are many foods that we treat ourselves every day that are bad for the dog’s delicate digestive system and can even be fatal in some instances. Although there are several human foods that Shih Tzus can safely eat, the following foods may prove to be harmful and should never be fed to any dog. (Also, it means more for you)


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