Two Adorable Shih Tzu Brothers Playing Together

Do you know that your pet Shih Tzu keeps on competing between or among them? Yes, if you have more than one Shih Pup, then be ready to have a gala time while watching them compete. So, once you are back at home from work, you will just know that there is an entertaining visual treat waiting for you.

But why do they complete?

According to pet psychologist, Canine competition is healthy. It shows their level of activeness and that they are really happy. What seems a brawl to you might be fun to them! This is why; they have divided the agile Shih Tzu competitions into four ‘f’ categories –

Fight – They can get really rough at times. Just imagine two young brothers fighting over video games! Yes, it is just like that.

Feed – Try giving one treat and see how competitive they can get. The speed and flexibility they will show will simply leave you surprised!

Flight – Who can chase whom? This is a very common game that they play and it is adorable to watch them doing so.

Fun – This is the ultimate thing they need! Yes, they just want to enjoy quality time; all the time! Shih Tzu is really playful in nature, and you just cannot ask them to calm down at any instance.

The other reason that makes them get competitive is to prove that they are better than the other one, so their human parents should love them more. In short, to get more attention!

Check that out in this cute Shih Tzu video –

Some of the things they want to show through these Shih Tzu competitions –

Who can bark better?

Have you noticed that all of a sudden, they just start barking? It is to show who is louder and they will continue till one gives up.

Who can run faster?

Obviously, there is always a clear winner. And then the other one will simply come to you with that heart-melting puppy look and get the cookie point!

Who can jump higher?

This happens more if one is younger and the other is grown up. Of course, the grown up Shih Tzu can do this better!

So, if they are doing these, remember, they are happy with you! Just give them the kiss and pat of appreciation!


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