Cute Shih Tzu Cuddling With A Baby

‘How well Shih Tzu interacts with babies?’ This is a very common question among Shih Tzu owners who have children at home. Shih Tzu, like any other breed, can get very jealous if they see that the attention is getting divided or shifted from them. After all, they are ‘Companion Dogs,’ so they both love and canine instinct are there.

Cute Shih Tzu Cuddling With A Baby

This has frequently worried people for a long time, but now, you can get all your doubts and questions answered here –

Q1. Is it necessary to choose between Shih Tzu and baby?

No, absolutely no. You can keep both of them. All you need is patience and time to let your child and pup become accustomed to each other.

Q2. How to make sure that Shih Tzu interacts with babies?

With time, this can be easily handled in just two steps – first is training, second is understanding with your Shih Tzu. If you can do these two things, then you can have the best companion for your baby!

Q3. Which is the best time to get Shih Tzu pup for a child?

When Shih Tzu interacts with babies from a very early age, they start growing together and develop a great sense of togetherness. So, if you are planning to have Shih Tzu puppies, it is best to bring them after your child is of six months.

Q4. What if you already have a dog?

Then it is a bit trickier. You have to make sure that Shih pup is socializing from beforehand with kids. Take your pup to the park and make them interact. Once you bring home the child, take slow steps and introduce your baby to your canine companion. Make sure you don’t leave them alone together for the first 2 weeks at least.

But one thing is that more your Shih Tzu puppies socialize; better will be the bond with your child. Once they start interacting, they grow really fond of each other, and you can see how your Shih will help your child. In short, they will be inseparable!

Check the same in this adorable video –


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