Shih Tzu Training Produced Amazing Results

Shih Tzus are a popular breed, recognized for their small size and lively personality. But as puppies, Shih Tzus can be very challenging to train.

Once you are ready to begin your Shih Tzu training, make sure you have a plentiful portion of bite-size dog treats that you can provide as praise.

As delightful as this breed is, though, it is necessary to begin training as early as possible. Rewards and praises are particularly important with Shih Tzus, a breed that loves to please its owners.

As you adhere to the steps in training your new puppy, reward good behaviour, and avoid punishing bad behaviour.

Do not use physical punishment or say the dog’s name while reprimanding. Your dog should connect his or her name with positive things.

Shih Tzu Training
Once you have trained your Shih Tzu on the basics of coexisting with your family, it is time to work on more complicated tricks.

Use treats and a lot of patience to teach your new puppy to come, sit, and stay, along with any other tricks you want.

Once each training session is over, take a few minutes to have some quality time with your Shih Tzu. This is the time your puppy should bond with you as a reward for its hard work.

Offer a treat and a lot of praises, indulging in the playtime that you could not have while training.

Shih Tzu training is always challenging, but the rewards are pretty much worth it. Work on a single goal at a time, keeping a lot of treats on hand and praising your dog from time to time.

Not only will this make a well-behaved puppy, but it will also serve as a bonding exercise between you and your little furbaby.

Check out this video of an amazing Shih Tzu doing many tricks as a result of proper training:


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