Shih Tzu Temperament

The most difficult task you will run into with this breed is going to housebreaking. They can be quite stubborn at times. For example, they do not like to go potty outside, especially in the rain, they will refuse outside potty time if the weather is not to their liking.

Potty training, in general, is difficult with this breed, but with time and effort, it can be done to satisfy the owner. You, as the owner, will need to put in a little more patience and time when trying to achieve the right potty training for your baby. They are known for being stubborn and getting their way because they are so darn cute.

Shih Tzu Temperament - black

Be prepared for barking, because they are barkers. Very alert, and protective of their space, you will be alarmed when your dog barks at anything in your yard or area. Without the proper training, you can expect to hear these guys bark nonstop, they are great watchdogs, and constantly on the lookout for something to engage barking at.

Just keep an eye on them if you have other animals around them that live in your home because the can be known to occasionally growl if not trained out of that habit.

Overall, shih tzu’s are a great breed, and they have an adorable, lively temperament. You are going to run into some training problems with any dog, so these little guys are a great option.

If you plan on getting one, I would recommend having quite a bit of free time in the first stages just to train them properly, because the longer you wait to train them, the harder it is going to be because it will become a norm for them at that point. Altogether a cute, cuddly protector that will love you endlessly.


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