Senior Shih Tzus: 7 Best Ways to Help Them Age Gracefully

Give Them a Warm and Comfortable Bed

Giving them a warm bed where they can feel comfortable in is more important now that they’re older. Senior Shih Tzus progressively need more sleep and rest, and getting good sleep is vital for the body to restore and refresh.

Give Them a Warm and Comfortable Bed

Having ideal orthopedic support is important to relieve pressure points, provide sufficient cushioning for your Shih Tzu’s body, and give warmth to soothe aching joints. Side bolster pillows are likewise excellent for offering good neck support, which could minimize breathing disturbances that could ruin a good sleep.

Be Wary of Hearing Loss

Senior Shih Tzu dogs normally begin to have age-related hearing problems around the age of thirteen years old. This could worsen quickly; a lot of senior dogs in their mid-teens have already suffered significant hearing issues in one or both ears.

While canine hearing aids are available, they are incredibly costly, unreliable, and they aren’t proven to improve your dog’s hearing very much and are seldom tolerated.

Hence, there isn’t really a viable option to reverse or cure age-related hearing loss; but it would be good to know and understand this issue to make a few changes in your dog’s lifestyle. Indications that a senior Shih Tzu is having hearing difficulties include being startled when they’re being approached or not responding when you call their name.

To help a senior Shih Tzu with hearing issues, you could incorporate hand signals together with commands. You could also try to approach your dog from the side or front, not the back.


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