Safe Foods for your Shih Tzu – 6 of the Best

What Dogs Eat

It is crucial to understand that all dogs are individuals, and what diet might be fine for your friend’s dog may be inappropriate for your dog.

When it concerns your dog’s daily diet, it is important to consult your vet.

Domestic dogs are mostly carnivores that eat some omnivorous food. It is necessary to make sure that your dog’s food is both complete and balanced at its degree of life and if it has any health issues.

It is perfectly acceptable to feed your dog with a pure kibble diet. Or you can mix your diet with some cooked meat, fish, vegetables, and rice.

Some Considerations

Choose human-grade meat as some pet meat and bone products contain preservatives that may be harmful to your dog’s health.

Practice good food hygiene as both you and your dog are at high risk of developing a foodborne bacterial infection such as campylobacter or salmonella.

Have a veterinary nutritionist make a diet for you. Some human food diets are not well balanced for the stage of life or medical conditions.

Nevertheless, before you give the dog any food, read on, and learn which food is safe and which can send your Shih Tzu straight to the emergency vet. And keep in mind that even healthy food, fed in excess can lead to canine obesity, a health concern for dogs.


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