Molly The Singing Shih Tzu

When it comes to our little pups, not only will we actively talk to them but some individuals love to get their pups to join in on the singing fun. In the video below, you’ll see Molly, an adorable grey, and white Shih Tzu join in with her owner in what appears to be a singing duet. According to the owner, the more she sings, the more Molly gets into it and pays attention to how something is being sung and then tries to mimic the sound.

Although not too much can be said about the singing quality, you can clearly see that Molly is having a great time in communicating with and singing with her owner. Molly begins by howling at first and then slowly ramps up the volume until she’s howling at a rather high pitch. This is in the mimic style of the owner. Generally speaking, Shih Tzus and other dogs are hardwired to howl any time they hear a high pitch sound like a siren or musical notes, which is probably why Molly joins in with howling, as the owner’s singing is quite high-pitched.

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