Hungry Shih Tzu Throws A Tantrum

We all know how we get when we are hungry and cannot get food. Not only do we get irritable, short-tempered, and upset, but we sometimes even throw “grumpy tantrums” when we are blocked from getting lunch or dinner. This goes the same for our pets, who can get quite hangry, especially when they are put on a new diet for losing weight. In the below video, you’ll see Latte ask for more food immediately after dinner, clearly not impressed with how much he had previously received.

As you can see, Latte, looks at his owner and steps towards his food bowl and pushes on the side of it. Not only does this tip the bowl over and make sound, but he does it repeatedly as his owner doesn’t respond. After doing this numerous times and looking so adorably at the camera, Latte makes one last effort and ends up flipping the bowl over completely.

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