How to Choose the Best Bed for Your Shih Tzu


A lot of dogs chew. Young pups may do it to alleviate the pain of teething. Adult dogs might chew to exercise their jaw or keep their teeth clean. It could even be because your Shih Tzu is stressed, hungry, or bored.

Sturdiness -Best Bed for Your Shih Tzu

However, when it comes to dog beds, chewing could be destructive. It could even be hazardous if one of the small pieces they chew winds up stuck in their intestines or stomach.

If your Shih Tzu is a chewer, fabric dog beds with foam cushioning might not be the ideal choice. Dog beds made with aluminum or PVC and covered with canvas-like material might be a better choice for the chewers out there.

Ease of Cleaning

Don’t forget ease of cleaning, too. Your Shih Tzu’s bed would need it sooner than later. Cot-like dog beds fit that bill, like machine-washable beds do, especially ones with a removable bed cover that you could throw in the washer.

Let Sleeping Shih Tzus Lie

No one likes being disturbed when they’re in dreamland, and Shih Tzus are no different in this regard. Ensure that everyone in the family leaves your Shih Tzu alone while she is in her bed – this is a vital part of keeping your family members, particularly kids, safe and dogs happy.


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