Eyes & Teeth Cleaning Routine Demo in Shih Tzu

Love the breed, but wonder what is involved in grooming the Shih Tzu?

Everyone new to the breed might look at photos of Shih Tzu Show Dogs and fall in love with that luxurious long coat, neatly presented with a perfect top knot skillfully adorning the head and wrapped in a lavish bow.

The Shih Tzu breed is arguably the diva of the dog world, and extra effort must be given to ensure that their overall look is in tip-top condition–including their eyes and oral health.

Eyes & Teeth Cleaning

To demo how to groom these furbabies, here’s Momo. The first step is to use Q-tips with a bit of eye lube to clean any build-up around the eyes first, try to keep the Q-tip point outward a bit to avoid touching the eyeballs.

Do this twice a day to eliminate stinging around the eyes and will use optics care on the amount that was recommended vets to keep your dog’s eyes moist.

Next, do a massage after applying the eye lube so your dog will close her eyes herself and let the lubricant cover the eyeballs.

For teeth cleaning, use a dog toothpaste by Nylabone. Momo obviously loves the toothpaste so much. For those that have not yet tried brushing their dog’s teeth, we would suggest to let the dog taste the toothpaste first, If they liked it, Slowly push the toothbrush into their mouth.

Just be patient and remember, don’t rush the process. Make them feel comfortable first. We want them to enjoy the routine and that they remember brushing teeth is yummy, and also a positive experience.

Source: 2cute2shihtzu


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