11 Human Foods – Safe For Shih Tzus To Eat

5. Carrots

Carrots - safe for Shih Tzus

Carrots are a good choice for treats because they have low calories and barely affect your dog’s weight.

It also contains fibre that’s great for your little furball. It is also beneficial to their oral health as it makes their teeth healthy.

6. Eggs

Eggs - safe for shih tzus

Would you like to give your Shih Tzu an additional boost of protein? Well, you can count on eggs for that. Chicken eggs are good for dogs, mainly due to their high protein levels.

With a lot of macro and micronutrients, they are quite nutritious foods. They also contain essential amino acids that are essential for your Shih Tzu’s survival.

These are amino acids that dogs cannot synthesize on their own.

Eggs also include healthy fats, minerals, and vitamins.

Egg yolks also contain choline, which helps to maintain the central nervous system, your Shih Tzu’s memory centres, and they provide antioxidants beneficial for visual health.

Do not give them too much to snack on, though, as they are high in fat. They can be served raw or cooked.

If you serve it raw, serve it with the shell crushed. But if you are cooking it, do not season it at all.

7. Apples

Apples - Safe for Shih Tzus

Apples are a great treat that your Shih Tzus are going to enjoy. Give apple without the seeds, as the seeds contain cyanide and may cause problems over time.

Its skin is said to protect humans from cancer and could likewise protect your dog from certain cancers.

8. Green beans

Green Beans - safe for Shih Tzus

Do you want a low-calorie food substitute for your overweight Shih Tzu? Then fresh green beans are the best choice for them.

They are high in fibre and vitamins, but low in calories so that your pups can enjoy them in any form.

Plus, it is filling and satisfying. You may serve canned beans or unseasoned raw beans. If you are too worried about their well-being, you can cook and serve them without seasoning.

9. Sweet potatoes

Sweet Potatoes- safe for Shih Tzus

Sweet potato is another great alternative. It contains fibre, vitamins, and iron and can be given to your Shih Tzu baked or steamed. It can be easily digested, too.

Sweet potatoes should be given to your dog in small pieces after they have been cooked.

10. Cheese

Cheese- safe for Shih Tzus

Cheese is a worldwide staple food made from fermented milk, with over 1,000 different types of cheese primarily invented to keep milk eatable for longer.

It’s a favourite part of a lot of diets, and if we love to eat it, we want to offer it to our Shih Tzu as well.

Cheese includes a great variety of vitamins and minerals that is great for your Shih Tzu, but moderation is still important.

Cheese can be given as a reward or treat, or a great addition to your Shih Tzu’s diet.

Cheese contains protein, calcium, vitamin b12, vitamin A,  phosphorus, and zinc; all of these nutrients are essential to your dog’s health and well-being.

Cheese also contains fat and sodium, which is vital for your Shih Tzu’s health, but too much of either can cause issues.

Provided your Shih Tzu is not lactose intolerant; cheese is an excellent option for them to nibble on. Cottage cheese among the others is favoured by dog owners as it is a very high source of protein.

11. Pumpkin

Pumpkin - shih tzus food safe

Full of fiber and vitamin A, the pumpkin will make a great treat or add it to every meal. You can serve it raw, cooked, or canned if you do not add anything else to it.

It is a nutritious food, no matter how you choose to serve it. Still, always make sure the pumpkin you serve is free of sugar and spices.

Because this veggie is high in fiber, it can reduce constipation.

Now that you know what foods you can share with your Shih Tzu friend, treat them well and keep them healthy!


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