Special Guest | Shih Tzu Puppies

When you meet a Shih Tzu, you cannot help but think how adorable they are. From their unique appearance to their wonderful personality, this is a dog breed you simply cannot resist.

But as fascinating as this breed is, they could also prove to be a bit of a handful to anyone unfamiliar with the breed. Being lucky to share our lives with some of our own Shih Tzu pets, we have learned a lot about caring for this breed, and we are giving everything with you.

The Shih Tzu is a loyal breed with a great personality, affectionate, playful, and eager for your attention. Though small, this breed is surprisingly sturdy and strong. These dogs are famous for their remarkably long, silky coats, which come in a variety of colors. Their drop ears and curled tails are also covered with long fur. They have short, snub noses (brachycephalic shape of the head), underbites, and large, dark eyes that give them a teddy bear appearance.

They are a long-coated breed that could, at times, be very high maintenance.   These dogs, however, do not shed their fur like most other dogs, and will only lose their fur when brushed. Even so, they need a lot of pampering and frequent trims to keep their silk double coats looking their best.

You could either take your dog to a highly skilled dog groomer (even if you’re prepared for the expense!) or try to do it yourself.

Rest assured that they will love you, completely, forever — which makes it all worth any extra attention you may have to give them.

Source: Shih Tzus are the Best


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